Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Summer 2015 // Trends

The summer isn't over yet! There is still time to follow trends and adapt them to your own personal style. Many classic, timeless trends have resurfaced this summer. Here are a few that you can wear:

1.) All white!

Not only is wearing just one color classy, but it is extremely effortless. White is the perfect color to wear. It's refreshing and looks flawless on any skin tone. All white looks stunning if you're on a tropical vacation or even out in the city running errands. Pair your all white ensemble  with nude sandal heels, for a sophisticated and slim look. For a personal touch, accessorize with a neutral or colorful handbag or jewelry.


Melanin be poppin 💁🏽
Queen Bey and Aaliyah Royle styled in all white!

2.) Denim on Denim!
This trend may seem super outdated or even too rebellious, but it is actually in style. It's a bold statement, but is a casual look to try. This look can be worn in many different ways. You can rock a light wash chambray shirt or even a darker wash. Depending on your comfort, you can sport a cute midi-skirt or a pair of high waist jeans. Celebs like Rihanna, Beyoncé and Zendaya have pulled this look off, in the past. 





when a bitch wanna start something i be like “who, me?” lol not really
Riri looking #onfleek in her denim on denim!! #BBHM

3.) Neutrals & Nudes!

Whether it's your lipstick, handbag or bodycon dress, neutrals and nudes are a must. Neutrals can soften up your entire look and go with everything. You can look simplistic, yet stylish wearing colors that either soften or warmth your summer tan. Nudes are great transitioning pieces for the summer into the fall, too!


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