Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Confidence & Self-Esteem

Having a bad day? Do you need a confidence boost? Having great self confidence and self-esteem is fundamental for living a positive life style. Its okay every once in awhile to have a day when you don't feel so great, but it's better to have more "happy" days than "bad" days.

Great ways to boost happiness and confidence is to participate and be active in activities you love. So take off a weekend and spend it doing what YOU want to do. The only person who can live your life is you! Everyone has flaws...so embrace them!

Make a list of your flaws and turn them into something great. If you're curvy, show off your figure and own it. Some of the things you are self conscious about are the things people love about you. Not confident about your body type? That's perfectly okay! Instead of wearing baggy, dark clothing wear something more energetic! When you dress better and feel beautiful, you shine. 

Make goals for yourself instead of expectations. Don't be afraid to break out of your shell. Your body posture is everything! If you are inviting and show that your happy, you will attract positive people to you. Life is short, so don't spend it being uncomfortable.

Empowering Quotes by Empowering Women:

"In order to be irreplaceable, one must be always different."- Coco Chanel

"Being happy never goes out of style."- Lilly Pulitzer

"You get in life the courage what you have to ask for."- Oprah Winfrey

Confidence & Self-Esteem by Patricia Bright



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Hair Tutorial- Loose Wavy Curls

                                              Hair Tutorial- Loose Wavy Curls

Do you want to be a pro at curling your hair? Do you want to master the sacred Kim Kardashian curls? It's not like you have a personal hair and makeup artist waiting on you hand and foot. Sometimes when you curl your hair it comes out too "perfect". As ridiculous as that sounds it's true, sometimes when I curl my hair I want unstructured, carefree curls that give off an effortless vibe. Here's a great tutorial on how to achieve Loose Wavy Curls. This tutorial is great for anyone wearing extensions or who has medium to long length hair. Get your curling tools out! Enjoy!

Hair Tutorial- Loose Wavy Curls by Beautybyjj

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Haute Summer Nights

                                                         Haute Summer Nights

You're planning to go out for sushi with some girlfriends after work on Friday. Everything is set, but the only problem is you have no idea how to style your hair and what to do with your makeup. You don't want to spend an hour getting ready, so what do you do? 

It's no fun when you have a time crunch when getting ready for an evening event. Instead of spending an hour getting ready, you could only take less than twenty minutes! As impossible as it seems it is very easy to do. Here are a few tutorials to try out for an evening event that not only are quick to do, but easy to recreate! As a bonus, we've included a outfit look along with the makeup and hair tutorial! Enjoy!!

 Get the 'Hair' Look: Hilary Duff by Dulcecandy87

 Makeup Night Tutorial by Beautybyjj

 Summer Date Night Look by ThatsHeart


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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Summer Fashion Lookbooks

July is coming to an end, but there are still a few weeks of summer left! You still have time to set by the pool relaxing with the newest issue of Glamour or go on a weekend trip to your favorite city. Here are a few fun, summer-y fashion lookbooks to watch. Whether your style is boho with an edge or very classy, these are great looks to replicate and try out this summer!

 "Beach Bliss" Lookbook |Hellokatyxo

 Summertime Lookbook |Hellokatyxo

 4 Spring/ Summer looks |Nathalie Munoz


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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hot Summer Trend Alert


Don't worry summer isn't over yet! Even though new trends are coming out left to right, you can still wear them and transition them into the fall. This trend is so easy to replicate and you can find these hot look anywhere. Before shelling out on big bucks hit up the nearest Forever 21!

Playful patterns are being raved this season! Checkerboard wasn't just made for picnic tables! Not only is this super retro, but it's super girly. Two piece outfits add tons of class and are slimming. It gives the illusion of a flat stomach and make's your legs look super slim and toned. If you aren't daring enough for this darling look, then go subtle with a checkerboard dress or top.

@thefashionbybel on IG looking super sassy!

Miranda Kerr, Jessica Alba and Kerry Washington are looking stylish and very classy!


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UK Lifestyle on Yahoo

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Perfect Hair & Makeup Tips for Summer

It's summertime, ladies! We want to sip pink lemonade by the pool and paint our nails cherry red. We aspire to have carefree wavy hair and golden tans. We want to wear flowing dresses in daring patterns. We dream of wearing heart shaped sunglasses and rollerblading down the boardwalk of a stunning beach.

 Doesn't that sound absolutely fabulous? Almost too good to be true. Usually when we try looking super cute during the summer we get totally oily, our hair is crazy and everything is ruined by the summer heat. Because, let's face it...this heat can totally kill the look we're going for. We can change that. We all want perfect hair and makeup, for the summer! Right? Keep scrolling and we'll give you the tips to be the summer goddess you truly are! Because, let's face it...this heat can totally kill the look we're going for.

 Tips for Oily Skin in the Summer: 

Oily skin in the summer is so common. Here are some tips and tricks to fix that!

 1. Always use a face lotion or primer before putting on makeup! This helps your makeup stay put and not create shine. You should use a primer on your T-Zone (forehead, nose and chin). Then you can use a BB cream made for the summertime and use a setting powder, so you won't get oily

 2. Carry blotting papers! During the middle of your hot, summer day you can use blotting papers to get rid of excess oil and it won't slide off your makeup! Get them at any drug store for less than five dollars!

 3. Use oil-free makeup! This decreases the shine on your face and you won't have to worry about getting a oily slick on your face during a special event.

Makeup for Oily Skin in the Summer:

Tips for Hair in the Summer:
These are tips for all hair types during the summertime. Do you have thick hair that tends to get frizzy and totally out of control due to the humidity? Or do you have long hair that's becoming totally limp and flat? Maybe your hair is becoming damaged due to constant hair styles using heat and harsh styling products? The summer heat can turn your glossy Kardashian curls into dry, frizzy, boring mop of hair. Yuck! The main thing all hair types need in the summer is lots of deep conditioning and hair masques to create volume and healthy tresses. You should use products to repair your hair, use argon or Moroccan oil, use less heat and use light weight products or serums to get lush hair.


WebMD- How to Make Makeup Last on Oily Skin

Lisa Pullano

Emerald Green// Color of the Year

Emerald green is the color of the year! It's a hot color for this summer season. Even though it may seem outrageous to wear a bright emerald eye shadow, here is a subtle way to wear the very outgoing color:


 If you aren't daring enough to incorporate the dazzling color to your makeup, here's a video on how to style it in your wardrobe. Emerald green is such a versatile color and can be worn during all seasons. So whether you are going to a formal dinner or shopping out with your girlfriends, these are some great looks and tips:


 Makeup tutorial- 

 Fashion Tutorials- 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Style & Fashion Tips & Advice

Having a style rut? Do you have absolutely no idea what to wear? These are a few great videos that are extremely helpful for those days or even weeks you don't have a clue on what to wear. So open your cluttered closet and get great fashion and organizational tips with these vids:


Want more fashion and style related info? Check out our gone-with-the-wind-fabulous links:



Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer Hair Tutorials on YouTube

These are great hair tutorials for everyone! Whether you have short, long or medium length hair or if you wear your hair natural or relaxed. Enjoy!

Beauty Gurus on YouTube!

Interested in more beauty, fashion or hair tutorials or videos? Check out these notable beauty gurus on Youtube:

Carlibel55- She is a style icon! She has many ah-mazing makeup tutorials and a variety of fun hair tutorials. She has fun hair tutorials such as: Sleek Hair Bun in under 5 minutes and Big Voluminous Curly Hair!

Krazyrayray- Even at fifteen she has tons of insight on beauty and fashion. Her hair tutorials are lifesavers and definitely creative and easy to replicate. A few helpful hair tutorials are: Straight Hair with no Heat and Classic Messy Bun with a Boho Twist.

Igaby04- Not only is she makeup savvy, but she's hilarious! Her videos are electrifying and her makeup tutorials are captivating. She has makeup tutorials such as: Coral Ambition and Let's End the Summer tutorials. She also has many fashion lookbooks and DIY vids. 

HelloKatyxo- She is famous for her naturally thick eyebrows. Her style is preppy and boho. Her videos are ah-mazing and she has a variety of videos such as: Summer Fashion Lookbooks, makeup tutorials, hair tutorials and DIY projects.

Natural Hair Care Routine

This video is helpful for anyone with natural hair or transitioning to natural hair. For more hair care related videos pertaining to natural hair, check out: Igaby04 on Youtube for make up, beauty, fashion and hair tutorials.

5 Easy NO HEAT Summer hairstyles + ways to style them!

This video is great for anyone with naturally straight or wavy hair or relaxed hair. This is an effective way of not using heat on your hair. These styles are easy to replicate and are feminine yet effortless.