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Perfect Hair & Makeup Tips for Summer

It's summertime, ladies! We want to sip pink lemonade by the pool and paint our nails cherry red. We aspire to have carefree wavy hair and golden tans. We want to wear flowing dresses in daring patterns. We dream of wearing heart shaped sunglasses and rollerblading down the boardwalk of a stunning beach.

 Doesn't that sound absolutely fabulous? Almost too good to be true. Usually when we try looking super cute during the summer we get totally oily, our hair is crazy and everything is ruined by the summer heat. Because, let's face it...this heat can totally kill the look we're going for. We can change that. We all want perfect hair and makeup, for the summer! Right? Keep scrolling and we'll give you the tips to be the summer goddess you truly are! Because, let's face it...this heat can totally kill the look we're going for.

 Tips for Oily Skin in the Summer: 

Oily skin in the summer is so common. Here are some tips and tricks to fix that!

 1. Always use a face lotion or primer before putting on makeup! This helps your makeup stay put and not create shine. You should use a primer on your T-Zone (forehead, nose and chin). Then you can use a BB cream made for the summertime and use a setting powder, so you won't get oily

 2. Carry blotting papers! During the middle of your hot, summer day you can use blotting papers to get rid of excess oil and it won't slide off your makeup! Get them at any drug store for less than five dollars!

 3. Use oil-free makeup! This decreases the shine on your face and you won't have to worry about getting a oily slick on your face during a special event.

Makeup for Oily Skin in the Summer:

Tips for Hair in the Summer:
These are tips for all hair types during the summertime. Do you have thick hair that tends to get frizzy and totally out of control due to the humidity? Or do you have long hair that's becoming totally limp and flat? Maybe your hair is becoming damaged due to constant hair styles using heat and harsh styling products? The summer heat can turn your glossy Kardashian curls into dry, frizzy, boring mop of hair. Yuck! The main thing all hair types need in the summer is lots of deep conditioning and hair masques to create volume and healthy tresses. You should use products to repair your hair, use argon or Moroccan oil, use less heat and use light weight products or serums to get lush hair.


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