Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Beauty Gurus on YouTube!

Interested in more beauty, fashion or hair tutorials or videos? Check out these notable beauty gurus on Youtube:

Carlibel55- She is a style icon! She has many ah-mazing makeup tutorials and a variety of fun hair tutorials. She has fun hair tutorials such as: Sleek Hair Bun in under 5 minutes and Big Voluminous Curly Hair!

Krazyrayray- Even at fifteen she has tons of insight on beauty and fashion. Her hair tutorials are lifesavers and definitely creative and easy to replicate. A few helpful hair tutorials are: Straight Hair with no Heat and Classic Messy Bun with a Boho Twist.

Igaby04- Not only is she makeup savvy, but she's hilarious! Her videos are electrifying and her makeup tutorials are captivating. She has makeup tutorials such as: Coral Ambition and Let's End the Summer tutorials. She also has many fashion lookbooks and DIY vids. 

HelloKatyxo- She is famous for her naturally thick eyebrows. Her style is preppy and boho. Her videos are ah-mazing and she has a variety of videos such as: Summer Fashion Lookbooks, makeup tutorials, hair tutorials and DIY projects.

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