Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hair Tutorial- Loose Wavy Curls

                                              Hair Tutorial- Loose Wavy Curls

Do you want to be a pro at curling your hair? Do you want to master the sacred Kim Kardashian curls? It's not like you have a personal hair and makeup artist waiting on you hand and foot. Sometimes when you curl your hair it comes out too "perfect". As ridiculous as that sounds it's true, sometimes when I curl my hair I want unstructured, carefree curls that give off an effortless vibe. Here's a great tutorial on how to achieve Loose Wavy Curls. This tutorial is great for anyone wearing extensions or who has medium to long length hair. Get your curling tools out! Enjoy!

Hair Tutorial- Loose Wavy Curls by Beautybyjj

 IG: beautybyjj

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