Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Trendy Summer Hairstyles- Wet Look

Trendy Summer Hairstyles (for all hair types)

Wet Look
The Wet Look hair trend has been popping in and off the runway and has become a major hair trend for the summer. This hairstyle is quick to do and simple to maintain. If you’re ever out in a hurry this hairstyle will definitely save you some time. Work this look in these fast steps:
1.)    Use a blow dryer on the lowest heat setting to dry your wet hair. Scrunch your hair as your dry it. (Make sure your hair isn’t ALL the way dry, but make sure it is damp.)
2.)    To reduce frizz apply a small amount of mousse to your damp hair. (optional)
3.)    Use a palm-size amount of gel and apply it to your roots. (Don’t apply the gel further than past your ears.)
4.)    Evenly distribute the gel with a comb, dragging it behind your ears.

Now you’ve completed the Wet Look. This simple yet trendy hairstyle is fun to wear at the beach or when running errands in the summer!


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